Many ex-Mormons lose faith in God and religion completely after discovering that Joseph Smith was a fraud, and The Book of Mormon was not historical. They often conclude: "There is no God or gods, no Afterlife no purpose in life!" This is unfortunate! Below are some purported "evidence" of the supernatural. You are also encouraged to watch the following programs on YouTube:

*Paranormal Survivor (free of charge)

*Paranormal Witness (pay per show or season)

*Celebrity Ghost Stories (pay per show or season)

*Ghost Adventures (free of charge)

*The Haunted (free of charge)

Please read my own "paranormal experiences" in my online book FALLING INTO THE SUN! which is free to read online at:

Falling into the Sun!. I'll put a link of this book at the bottom of this page.

One in five people have seen a ghost. Ask around. I've seen ghosts probably 18 times, heard them 4 times, felt them (not "sensed" but felt a hand or a shove or a scratch) 7 times.

Ex-Mormons are like most people: "If you convince a man against his will...he is of the same opinion still". In other words if ex-Mormons "do not want" to believe in God or ghosts or the Afterlife they are "Not" going to believe it...all the evidence in the world be damned! Their "whims" (wants, desires, fancies) govern their beliefs; just like most people everywhere.

However, some ex-Mormons are indeed "Seekers of Truth". For you Seekers, I have the following....

Look over the videos below, and come to your own conclusion:

Real Ghost Pictures

The evidence is there, but you must look for it. You must become a Seeker of Truth. You won't find it unless you "seek" it.

Falling into the Sun! Why I Left the Mormon Church and Became a Daheshist

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