My Advice to Ex-Mormons and Mormons Thinking of Leaving the Church

MY NAME IS Darrick Evenson. I was born in Los Angeles, California in 1960. I converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ("Mormon Church") when I was 18, in 1979. I was a true-believing-Mormon (TBM). I went on a mission for the Church to the California San Jose Mission (1983-85) and was honorably released. I wrote a book defending the Church against anti-Mormon attacks called "The Gainsayers" (Horizon Publishers, 1989) which sold in LDS bookstores for 10 years. I resigned from the Church in 1994, and became a Baha'i for several years. I later resigned from the Baha'i Faith, and later (2005) became a Daheshist: a follower of Doctor Dahesh (1909-1984) the miracle-working Prophet of Lebanon.

Doctor Dahesh died in 1984 in New York City. He visited me, in my bedroom, in 2005, in broad daylight, while I was awake; similar to Jesus visiting the apostle Thomas after His death (but with some differences). That divine visitation LEFT ____NO DOUBT____ in my mind that God existed, and that Doctor Dahesh was a true Prophet of God! This was not a "burning in the bosom" but a real literal day-time and fully awake "supernatural event"! You can read about that in my online book Falling Into The Sun (link below).

I am not gay, bisexual, nor a pedophile. I have never committed fornication nor adultery. I have never smoked nor drank alcohol. I have never tried any illegal drug. I was not excommunicated. I never had a Church court. I was never threatened with a Church Court. I was a conservative orthodox true-believing Mormon! I resigned from the Church in 1994. Why? I will tell you my reasons in Falling Into The Sun. I've had many paranormal experiences in my life, and you can read about them in that online book. The link is at the bottom of this page.

Mass Defections Because of the Internet

Hundreds of thousands of Mormons are leaving the Church every year, because of anti-Mormon websites they find on the Internet. Most of these Members don't bother to resign, but resignations are skyrocketing. Melvin Jensen, the former Church Spokesman, called this "the greatest time of apostasy since the days of Kirkland!" It was in Kirkland, Ohio, in 1836, when the Kirtkland Anti-Banking Society "bank" failed, and half of the Church apostasized (i.e. left the Church). The Church is losing ground in countries where people are Internet savvy. The Church is shrinking in Western Europe. The Church is shrinking in many parts of North America. The Church is only growing where most people have little or no access to the Net; like in Africa and among the poor of Latin America. Mormon leaders have "handled" this problem, by telling Members to stay away from the Internet; except of course for the official Church websites: and! Once again, Mormon leaders have "handled" the problem of Disaffected Members (i.e. those who lose faith because of anti-Mormon claims) in the same way a doctor would handle skin cancer by placing a band-aid over it! The Brethren never seem to learn from their past mistakes. They just keep repeating them over and over again.

Acceptable Loses

Back in the mid 1980s, after I returned from my mission in California, I wrote letters to the First Presidency, suggesting that they begin to teach missionaries, and even Seminary students (Mormon high school students) "facts" about Joseph Smith and Church History that would cause them to "lose faith" if they discovered it later. This is called "inoculation". For example, if a young Mormon was taught, early, at age 8 to 12, that Joseph Smith revealed The Book of Mormon NOT via any Urim and Thummim, but by means of a "seerstone" that he kept in his hat, and covered his face, and dictated, then, that young Mormon, when they became a missionary (and all Mormon men do) would not have a "crisis of faith" when they discovered this "fact" on their mission, or later. I told the Brethren to reveal to the young Mormons all the "warts" when they are young, so, that when they became older, they could not lose faith.

In response to this, I got a call from someone in the office of the First Presidency, who had been an Institute Instructor for thirty years, and a teacher of religion at BYU. Forget his name. He is dead now there is no doubt. Anyway, he said the following to me:

"The Brethren don't care if a few thousand Members leave the Church every year because of anti-Mormon literature. Those are acceptable loses. Look now young man, you're trying to 'steady the Ark'. Be careful about that. We having Living Prophets that guide this Church. Their word is the Word of the Lord. They don't need your help!"
That is what I was told. As long as the Church only lost "a few thousand members" a year, "who cares?" the Church was still growing. Those loses were "acceptable". Remember, the Brethren care about NUMBERS...not about people, unless those people are their own family and friends. You're just a "number" to them. Nothing more. If you leave, who cares? The Church will continue to grow. They are "numbers" men. A few thousand nameless/faceless "people" a year were "acceptable loses". However, with the advent of the Internet, and especially with GOOGLE, in the late 1990s, those "thousands" have turned into "hundreds of thousands" of resignations a year. And, most Mormons who leave the Church, never bother to resign.

How did the Church handle the new "loses"? First, by telling Members to "stay away from the Internet" except the Church's approved websites. What Mormons don't know...won't hurt them. However, that didn't work. In fact, telling the Mormons to "stay away" from non-church websites was like telling a teenaged boy to "stay away" from the pictures on naked ladies in girly magazines. It had the opposite effect. So, now the Church has decided to slowly "inoculate" the Members, the very thing I suggested they do back in the mid 1980s!.

And because I made a "suggestion" to the Brethren that they "deal" with anti-Mormon questions, I was called "delusional" and "wicked" and told I was "trying to steady the Ark" and that if I didn't stop God would kill me. I was told that in 1985. Well, I didn't quit it, and I'm still alive today in 2016.

What I did "quit" was the Churh, because no One True Church needs to use lies, equivocations, cover-ups, and threats against Members who have sincere questions and doubts. A "One True Church" should not be afraid of the truth and inquiry, but, rather, they should embrace inquiry and inquirers.

The Brethren will say in General Conference, and Stake Conference, "We love you" and "President Monson loves you and WE CARE about you". Yes, the Brethren care about you like any employer cares about their employees. They 'care' about you as long as you obey them, and pay your tithing to them, so that they may build 3 billion dollars Malls, and use construction companies and supplier companies owned by their close relatives. That is how they "care" about you. In fact, they don't know you! You are a nameless/faceless "number" to them. If you leave the Church, they don't care. It is only when hundreds of thousands leave the Church, and their "bottom line" is threatened, that they "care". Again, not about YOU, but about their "bottom line". Like all men and women, they "care" about themselves, their family, and friends. If they don't know you, and they haven't 'bonded' with you, they don't care about you. They DO care about "numbers" and the "numbers" are going down.

The Bushman/Givens Approach

Several Mormon intellectuals, such as Richard Bushman, and Dale and Linda Givens, have written books in which the "flaws" of Joseph Smith are made known, to an extent, but they plead with the True Believing Mormon to "stay in the Church anyway" approach; that the Church has so much to offer the Mormon. Issues like the historicity of The Book of Mormon, the gross mistranslation of the Book of Abraham papyrus, Joseph Smith's lying about polygamy in Nauvoo, his threatening girls with eternal damnation if they did not agree to secret "marriages", Brigham Young's Adam-God doctrine, the Church teaching, and now denying, the Curse of Cain Doctrine, are seen as "mistakes of men" that are not really important in the eternal scheme of things.

Richar Bushman and Dale Givens and his wife Linda, have met with certain Church leaders, and convinced them to begin to "innoculate" young Mormons, to tell them "warts" about Joseph Smith and Church History, in the hopes that these young men and women will not leave the Church once they discover the "warts" on the Internet. But, the Church is moving very slowly, much slower than Bushman or the Givens want.

The Church Is Changing/Evolving

Here is a electronic post on the Reddit website, from a Mormon who resigned from the Church recently. He goes by the online name of "ShaqtinADrool". He wrote:

I was born in the 1970s. I was molded by prophets like ]Ezra Taft] Benson and Hinckley. Bruce R. McConkie [Mormon apostle and author of the book "Mormon Docrine"] was a rock star. "Mormon Doctrine" was on the shelf of every True Believing Mormon home. The gospel was black and white. The restored church was true. Other churches were false. Joseph Smith, next to Christ himself, was the most important and significant figure to ever exist on this earth. "Praise to the Man" (frequently sung in priesthood gatherings) was one of my favorite hymns.

My testimony was black and white. Gordon B. Hinckley [President of the Church from the mid 1980s to 2008] summarized the Mormonism that I grew up with (and embraced into my late 30s):

"That is the way I feel about it. Our whole strength rests on the validity of that vision. It either occurred or it did not occur. If it did not, then this work is a fraud. If it did, then it is the most important and wonderful work under the heavens." (Gordon B. Hinckley to interviewer Mike Wallace, 60 Minutes interview)
I had no need to question. The church was clearly true. And the fact that it was growing so quickly, that it was filling the earth, was another confirmation of its truthfulness and divine mission. President Hinckley seemed to constantly be speaking of high growth rates, new members/wards/stakes/temples/missions. All of this made me feel very comfortable in my conviction of Joseph Smith and the Restoration.

I returned home from my mission in the mid 90s and learned that there was now this thing called email. And there was also this thing called a browser, that would let you read stuff from other people (even from other countries!!!!) on "the internet." This new technology would allow the church to expand at even a greater rate. I kept my head down for another 15 years. Marriage. Kids. church service. Tithing. etc.... I honestly did not personally know one person that left the church over church history issues. Then, in 2010, I ran into "polyandry." [i.e. Joseph Smith secretly married the wives of other men--some of whom he sent on missions to England] Long story short. I painfully realized I didn't know as much about Joseph Smith as I thought that I did. I learned that MY church had not been honest with me. I spent thousands of hours researching and ultimately decided to leave the church. Like Hinckley, I felt that Joseph Smith was either a prophet or a fraud.

Now I'm hearing talks in General Conference of "doubt your doubts" and "give brother joseph a break" and "stay in the boat" and "choose belief." More and more people are now talking about adopting a "nuanced" view of the restoration and Joseph Smith in order to make it work. We now see the emergence of Bushman and the Givens, people that McConkie would have curb-stomped a few decades ago. This talk of nuance is completely foreign to me. It totally goes against the Hinckley sentiment that I was familiar with, that it's either true or it's a fraud.

To me, all of this simply shows how challenging things currently are for the church. The "Google problem" is very much an issue for the church. And it's only getting worse. We are hearing recent General Conference talks that I couldn't imagine even a few years ago. Talks, from Q12 members [Mormon apostles], that reek of desperation. Things may be worse than even I am observing. We're probably only at the "tip of the iceberg" on this.... The Bushman/Givens approach continues to emerge (maybe not institutionally, but among a growing group of rank and file members), and it is absolute contrast to the type of Benson/McConkie/Hinckley Mormonism so many people of my generation were familiar with."(quote from ShaqtinADrool on the Reddit Website "exmormon" subgroup)

It is quite true that the LDS Church is "evolving" and changing, and is not the LDS Church of the 1960s and 1970s. The "new" LDS Church is more liberal than the old LDS Church. The "new" LDS Church condemns racism, whereas the old LDS Church embraced it. Many younger Mormons today have NO IDEA that the "old" LDS Church existed, and will call you a "LIAR" if you tell them what the "old" LDS Church taught. The Church is successfully rewriting Mormon history. But, then again, it has always "rewritten" Mormon history.

How To Resign From The Church

If you no longer believe the Church is the "One True Church" then I suggest you formally submit a letter of resignation to your bishop. Have your name removed from the rolls. Many are taking this course of action. Here is what you might say:

Dear Bishop ___________,

I hereby resign from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I fully understand the implications of this resignation. I understand that my priesthood and temple blessings for time and eternity have all been cancelled. I have done nothing to justify a Church Court. If a Church Court is called, I will not attend. I will not reconsider my decision. I will not discuss this with you or the Stake President. It is within my legal right, and within the rules of the Church, that I can resign. I wish to be notified by mail that my resignation has taken place. Please submit this request to Membership Records at the Church Office Building in Salt Lake City. Please do so without delay. I will not discuss this further nor will I reconsider. I am resigning because I no longer believe that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God. I no longer believe that The Book of Mormon is a work of history. I no longer believe that the current leaders of the Church are prophets, seers, revelators. I came to this decision NOT because of personal unrepentant sin, but because all of the facts lead me to this new belief. Resignation is now allowed in the Church. Please submit this letter as soon as possible. There will be no further discussion with me on the matter. Thank you.

(Your signature)
Your name

Some bishops will try to speak with you, or will try to think of some reason to excommunicate you. Be firm. When you give/mail a letter of resignation to your bishop, also mail a copy of it to:

Membership Records
Church Office Building
50 East North Temple Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84150.

Make sure to make a copy of your Letter of Resignation, at FedEx Office, where they have copy machines. Make a copy, and MAKE SURE to mail it directly to the Membership Records office in Salt Lake City. Make sure to "sign" your Letter of Resignation.

If the bishop calls you and requests a meeting, be firm. Tell him that you do not wish to discuss it further, and that you expect him to honor your request.

If you don't believe in the Church anymore then resign from it. Do it this week.

If you are still happy in the Church, then, by all means, stick with it.

Many anti-Mormons and ex-Mormons believe that being a Mormon is detrimental to your mental health. I do not believe that. I believe being a "good" Mormon is a "good" thing, as long as you are not a Hypocrite, and you are truly trying to follow Mormon leaders by "doing what they SAY, but not what they DO". If you still find comfort and fellowship in the LDS Church....stay in it! That is my advice to you.

But, if you can no longer believe it, and you are no longer "comfortable" in the Church, then resign from

Ex-Mormon Support Groups

There are probably 3 million to 4 million ex-Mormons just in North America alone! Because of the Internet, hundreds of thousands of active and inactive Mormons are resigning each and every year. In some places (like Germany or England or Sweden) the Church is in a "free fall". The Church is maintaining in North America. The Church is only growing in places like Africa and among the poor in Latin America; where people are gullible, superstitious, uneducated, and have little or no access to the Internet.

Here are some places you can go online to chat with other Ex-Mormons and read their stories, or simply look at the "evidence" against Mormonism:

The "Letter to a CES Director" by Jeremy Runnells, is probably the best one-stop-overview of "evidence" against Mormonism being true. His letter is in PDF format, which not all computers can read. But, if your can, please read his Letter. The CES Director (an Institute Director) has never responded to his letter, which was written years ago.

I have links to these websites at the bottom of this page. You'll find fellowship with many people just like yourself. If you are upset and depressed because you've discovered that Mormonism is a man-made religion, don't worry! Millions have discovered this before you, and millions will discover this after you. You're NOT alone! Go the websites above and share your story and questions with others. Your depression will gradually fade, and you'll be happier than you ever were "in" Mormonism. I can promise you that. will take a little time. Hang in there.

Many Mormons become "depressed" when they discover that the Church is not true. Some become suicidal. All I can say about that is...

First: you'll get over it. Learning the Church is false is like losing a loved one. Extreme pain at first, but, with time, all wounds are healed. In a few years you'll be laughing about it, and wondering "How did I EVER believe in all that stuff?" This will happen. It just takes time.

Second: if you are given to depression or thoughts of suicide, go to your nearest hospital and say 'I'm thinking of killing myself' and they'll keep you for three days and get you medicated so you can feel better.

Thirdly: some ex-Mormons will become drunks, commit adultery, just as a way to SHOVE IT to the Church! Don't do that. Don't engage in self-destructive behaviors to "get back" at the Church. You won't hurt the Church that way, only your own self.

If you want to GET BACK at the Church, then print up thousands of fliers, with quotes by early Church leaders about "Negroes", and place these fliers as "inserts" in student newspapers in Utah and Arizona, so that thousands of Mormon students will read them. That is an excellent way to "get back" at the Church, because many younger Mormons are told that the Church "never taught" that blacks are cursed. Expose this via "inserts" in student newspapers:

Utah State University (Logan)

Utah Valley University (Orem)

University of Utah (Salt Lake City)

Dixie State University (St. George)

Southern Utah University (Cedar City)

Mesa Community College (Mesa, AZ)

Gilbert-Chandler C.C. (Gilbert, AZ)

Of course, BYU and LDS Business College will NOT accept such inserts, but the others will. If you print up fliers that are in black and white, with no pictures or artwork, text only, cost will be minimal. You can get quotes from early Church leaders on blacks by going to Google and typing in: "Mormons and Negroes".

You can create these fliers at any FedEx Office location. They have many. Best to take the "original" flier to an off-set printer, who can print up thousands of copies cheaply. FedEx Office can print them, but not cheaply. Best you use an "offset" printer. These copies can be sent to the various university newspapers via United Parcel Service.

Most people who leave the Church do in fact "leave it alone". They leave it, and never look back. If you can do that, do it.

Stay in the Church IF....

If you are happy in the Church, by all means, stay in it! The Noble Spiritual Faith teaches that we are judged by how we treat other sentient beings, and by absolutely nothing else! Therefore, we are not judged by our beliefs, or doctrines, or what earthly organization we belong to or do not belong to. We are judged by how we treat others. Therefore, being a Mormon will not condemn you to eternal Hell-fire, as the Evangelicals foolishly believe. A "good" Mormon has nothing to fear in the Next Life. But, the Law of Karma is exact! Nobody can escape it. Not even the Son of God could escape the Law of Karma. For all our sins, we shall "pay" either in this life or the next. Mormons who lie to others, use others, cheat others, bully others, shall get their "reward" either in this life or the next. Nobody escapes.

If you are "happy" in the Church, and you believe you can live a good life in it, stay in it! But, I would recommend that you spend more time "doing good" to others, and less time in Mormon temples enacting ridiculous and absurd rites that do not benefit the living nor the dead. I suggest giving two percent to Feed the Children or St. Jude's Hospital for Children rather than giving ten percent of your income to the Church. Most of it goes to Church businesses which do NOT benefit the poor, not even the Mormon poor. Give a lot in Fast Offerings, which do help the Mormon poor, but little in tithing; because tithing money only enriches Mormon leaders and their already-wealthy extended families who own the construction companies that build the chapels and temples. Tithing money goes to support BYU, while poor Mormon children in Africa and South America can't afford to go to any school. The Church "could" build them schools, but chooses not to do that.

A book about secret Church finances is coming out soon, by D. Michael Quinn, a former Mormon Church historian. It will be published by Signature Books, and available via online. Look for it about the Summer of twenty- sixteen. The book will be titled The Mormon Hierarchy-Wealth and Corporate Power. Just go to and type in "D. Michael Quinn" and his books will come up. You'll seen what I mean when I tell you that Mormon leaders are "blessing" themselves and their extended families on your Tithing money, while poor Mormon children in Latin America and Africa can't even go to school.

Dahesh Relief, a part of Noble Spiritual Faith, will build schools in places where there are no schools, so poor children can be educated.

The Noble Spiritual Faith has not yet been organized. Daheshists are encouraged to become members of UNITY; a New Age organization headquartered in Lee's Summit, Jackson County, Missouri. There are UNITY churches throughout North America.

Ex-Mormons Often Become Atheists

When people are raised in an "exclusivist" religion, such as the LDS Church, or the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, or the Seventh-day Adventist Church, or the Worldwide Church of God, and when they discover that their church/religion is false, for whatever reason, something happens to them psychologically. Most of these people become Atheists, or at least Agnostics. Mormons who are born into the Church, who discover the Church is not what it claims to be, usually become Atheists or Agnostics. They think in this manner:

"The Church is false. Therefore, whatever the Church teaches, must also be false. The Church taught that God lives, Jesus is the Christ, and Joseph Smith was a Prophet". Since Joseph Smith was not a Prophet, it follows that, God does not live, and Jesus cannot be the Christ. Indeed, there is no Christ. Indeed, if Joseph Smith was not a Prophet, and he was a liar, it follows that all men who claim to be prophets must also be liars and deceivers!"

That is how they think. Again, it is ___not___ logical, but they believe it is. They are "hurt" by religion, so, they refuse to believe in religion again. They replace their "faith" in God and Jesus and Prophets with a new "faith" that there is, and indeed cannot be, any god, or true religion, or true Prophet. Again, it is a psychological reaction that happens to many people who were true believers in an exclusivist religion or church. It is common.

After I became a Daheshist in 2005, I tried to post my story "Why I Left the Church and Became A Daheshist" on various ex-Mormon forums. Some of these forums had sections that say "Talk about Spirituality". So, I'd post my story. Immediately, I was accused of being a "troll" and then they'd post false rumors about me. Why? Again, those who run ex-Mormon blogs or discussion groups will tell you they are "open to all views" but in fact, they are not. They are open to discussion of views as long as they "agree" with those views. They now despise all organized religion, so, if you try to discuss any religion in a positive light, they will not only "ban" you from the discussion board, or get quit upset and very angry as well. Again, these are the same self-centered hypocrical immoral Mormons I knew when I was a Mormon. The only difference is...they are now Ex-Mormons. Many of them are still the same people: selfish, immoral, dishonest, and hypocrical. They were never Seekers of Truth. Like most of the Mormons I knew, they are Seekers of Sex and Wealth. They were and are Seekers of the Good Life; like most people are. They haven't changed now they are Ex-Mormons. They are the same people exactly. Good Mormons who leave the Church become good Ex-Mormons. Bad Mormons become bad Ex-Mormons. They don't change. While Mormons they worshipped their own egos, and called it "God". Now, they still worship their own egos, but they say: "There is no God". They haven't changed. They've been "hurt" emotionally, and refuse to believe anything anymore except what they want to believe. I MUST believe in the Afterlife, because I've experiences where I saw and heard supernatural things. I can't deny it anymore than I can deny typing these words on my computer right now. I KNOW the supernatural exists, from the many experiences I've had with it, seeing and/or hearing ethereal beings, while I was wide awake, how I was saved from death, etc.

Become Seekers of Truth

Most Members, when they lose faith in Mormonism, lose faith in God and religion altogether. They feel hurt and betrayed by God and religion once they discover they've been lied to by Mormon leaders all their lives. They not only lose faith in Mormonism, they lose faith in "faith" itself. Most become atheists or at least agnostics. A few become Buddhists, or Evangelicals, or New Agers, or "spiritual but not religious". Very few become Seekers of Truth. Most people don't have the time to study all the religions of the world, even if they had the desire. They are too busy working, being fathers and mothers, husbands and wives. They are too busy raising their families. God understands that. That is why we are NOT judged by what church or religion we belong to, but by how we treat others, and by no other thing! We are "judged" by our "works" (deeds) and nothing else. Not by our knowledge. Not by our degrees. Not by our earthly accomplishments. Not by how many meetings we attend. Not by how faithfully we pay tithing or do our home teaching! We are judged solely by how we treat other sentient beings, and by nothing else. Dr. Dahesh taught, that the Atheist who does more good works than the Christian or the Muslim shall, on his Day of Judgment (i.e. his next mortal life), receive a greater reward than they will!

If you are Post-Mormon, whether or not you've officially resigned from the Church, and are seeking a new spiritual home, the following groups you should AVOID:

+Church of Scientology. It's founder, L. Ron Hubbard, was a socio-path and founded a socio-pathic religion.

+Seventh-day Adventist Church. They'll tell you that you must worship on Saturday or not be resurrected, and that masturbators will be destroyed by God, and that watching TV or going to movies, even "G" rated ones, is sinful. Avoid them.

+Any Fundamentalist Mormon polygamist group, all are bad and controlled by wicked men, except for the Apostolic United Brethren, headquarted in Bluffdale Utah.

If you are a Post-Mormon, but still believe in Joseph Smith, but believe the current leadership of the LDS Church is apostate, then here are my recommended new spiritual homes:

+Apostolic United Brethren, who meet in Bluffdale, Utah, is the most progressive polygamist sect. They do not associate with the FLDS Church/Warren Jeffs. Women get to decide whom they should marry.

+The Snufferites, these are followers of Denver Snuffer, an excommunicated Mormon who lives in Draper Utah, who was excommunicated for writing books critical of current and past Church leaders. Snuffer claims he does not want to start another Church, but his followers seem to be leading in that direction. Denver Snuffer is a very spiritual man, no doubt more spiritual than current Mormon leaders. Read his books, if you still believe in Joseph Smith, but not current Mormon leaders. Google "Denver Snuffer".

If you are a very conservative Post-Mormon, and you no longer accept Joseph Smith as inspired of God, but still believe in Jesus and the Bible, then the Assemblies of God would probably be the best fit for you. Also, some ex-Mormons are found solace in the Roman Catholic Church. The Assemblies of God is the most like the LDS Church, but without Joseph Smith, "Living Prophets", tithing settlement, and the other uniquely Mormon things.

Here is a list of new spiritual homes for Mormons who no longer believe in Joseph Smith, and won't like the Assemblies of God or Roman Catholic Church:

+Baha'i Faith--emphasis on world peace/equality of races and genders--many ex-Mormons are joining this Faith. Baha'is emphasize changing the world for the better via social action and the promulgation of Twelve Baha'i Principles. Google "Baha'i Faith".

+Movement for Spiritual Inner-Awareness: started by a gay ex-Mormon, based upon the Radhasoami Faith of India. Google "John-Roger Hinkins" and "MSIA". They have only a few congregations in the Los Angeles area. This is an "Internet" organization, and you go to Los Angeles only for "initiation" during a one day period.

+UU Churches--Unitarian-Universalist--very pro-gay but very secular and, in my opinion, anti-spiritual. Many Post-Mormons usually join the UU Church for a few years, then stop going and become atheists or agnostics.

+UNITY, formerly the Unity School of Practical Christianity, is a New Age sect headquartered in Lee's Summit, Jackson County, Missouri, USA. Very welcoming to the LGBT crowd, more spiritual than the UU Churches. UNITY is not affiliated in any way with the Unitarian-Universalist churches. Daheshists are allowed to attend UNITY churches, and even become UNITY "licensed teachers" and ministers (who are paid).

+Self-Realization Fellowship, based upon the teachings of Yogananda, a very spiritual East Indian guru who came to the U.S. in the early twenties. Emphasis on reincarnation and the practice of Kriya Yoga. Has a Monastic Order too. Yogananda's "Autobiography of a Yogi" is fascinating reading, and can be found in most bookstores and libraries. Members of SRF are usually "very" spiritual people, who enjoy meditation. They meet one Sunday a month at their "centers". Every big city has a SRF Center. Google "Self-Realization Fellowship".

+Community of Christ, formerly the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, this church is in transition from a Book of Mormon believing fundamentalist church to a liberal pro-gay "community" that emphasizes "building communities of peace, love, and joy". What does that "mean" exactly? Means they meet together and talk about "peace" and "women's rights" issues quite a bit. Young members usually don't believe in Joseph Smith or The Book of Mormon, but many older members still do (except the top leaders). Male and female apostles. Members of the CoC may accept or reject Joseph Smith as a Prophet, and they may accept or reject the Book of Mormon as history, or a prophetic parable, or not believe in it at all. Google "Community of Christ".

+The Friends of God International, or FOGI, founded by Jamshid Rohani, a gay man from Iran, claims that he visited the Third Heaven, as Paul did, and received many instructions from the Prophets and Saints. FOGI sees itself as a Movement not a sect, and emphasizes the coming of three virgin-born Benefactors, Jesus being one of Them. Google "The Friends of God International" and "Jamshid Rohani".

+The Noble Spiritual Faith, commonly called "Daheshism", which was founded by Doctor Dahesh, the miracle-working Prophet of Lebanon. This Faith is not yet organized, but Daheshists are encouraged to join a UNITY church. UNITY has no affiliation or connection to the UU Churches. UNITY does not official recognize Doctor Dahesh as a Prophet, but has invited Daheshists to become members, and even ordained ministers, of UNITY churches. To know more about the Noble Spiritual Faith (Daheshism) click on the link below "Falling Into The Sun!".

Most people accept the religion of their parents, and never question or deviate from it. Some people "shop" for a religion that suits their personality. Other people don't care about organized religion at all, but lives their lives without it. Some people, very few, are Seekers of Truth, and seek the Truth, wherever it leads them.

To those 1 in 1000 reading this article, the Seekers of Truth, I will direct you to investigate the Noble Spiritual Faith. That Faith has the most truth of any religion/church on Earth, because it was founded by a worker of supernatural miracles Who was the twentieth incarnation of the WORD of God on this planet. You can read all about that in Falling Into The Sun! (link below).

If you would like to review some "Evidences for the Paranormal Online" then I've provided links to those eye-witness accounts and other evidence. You may also read The Book of Testimonies About Dr. Dahesh online, which contain first-hand accounts of His miracles from eye-witnesses. Email me, and I'll send you a link to The Book of Testimonies.

If you are interested in studying other religions, I've provided some suggestions for you to look into. Many post-Mormons are joining the Baha'i Faith. Post-Mormons who are no longer "spiritual" are joining the Untarian-Universalist Churches. Most who join the UU Church leave after a few years, and become straight Atheists.

Post-Mormons who believe in reincarnation are joining a UNITY (Unity School of Christianity) church, or the Self- Realization Fellowship, or the Friends of God International.

Gay and Lesbian post-Mormons will find many churches very accepting of them, such as the Episcopal Church, the United Churches of Christ, the UU Churches, UNITY churches, Community of Christ (formerly the Reorganized LDS Church), and the Movement for Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) which was founded by a Gay ex-Mormon: John-Roger Hinkins.

LBGT people should steer clear of the Assemblies of God, Roman Catholic Church, and the Baha'i Faith.

Post-Mormons who still believe in Jesus as the Son of God, will find the Assemblies of God churches most comfortable.

Many ex-Mormons in Utah are joining the Baha'i Faith. There are Baha'i Centers in Salt Lake City and Logan, Utah, with bookstores and free lending libraries.

As for me, I have to remain a Daheshist, because He came to my house in 2005 (he died in 1984), and sat on the corner of my bed, in broad daylight. I was wide awake (and scared beyond belief). I saw what I saw. I heard what I heard.

If you think that leaving the Church will cause divorce and ruin your life, then STAY IN THE CHURCH! Why not? The Church is a great place to raise your kids, and not such a bad place if you're not too intellectual, and the Sunday School and Priesthood and Relief Society lessons don't bore you to death.

Thank you for your time. Darrick Evenson

Evidence for the Paranormal Online

Yes, there is plenty of evidence of the Spirit-World, if you look for it. Here are some places to look:

*Ask around "Have you ever seen a ghost?" 1 in 5 people have seen ghosts. Start asking around.

*Watch Celebrity Ghost Stories on the Biography Channel. Over 70 celebrities have told their stories thus far. You can buy the DVDs from the Arts & Entertainment Network (A&E). Some excepts of this are on YouTube. Go to YouTube and type in: "Celebrity Ghost Stories".

*Watch Paranormal Witness also on the Biography Channel. People interviewed, and reinactments. Credible people telling absolutely UNBELIEVABLE true stories. Some excepts on YouTube.

*Go to YouTube and type in "Ghosts caught on tape". Some videos are bogus, but others are real.

*Go to YouTube and type in "My Ghost Story": eye-witness accounts of people who have seen ghosts, and there must be two witnesses to the same event of the people are not interviewed. Complese shows (one hour) on YouTube.

*Get books on "Intelligent Design". I am NOT talking about "Creation Science". That has been debunked. Get books on "Intelligent Design". People who believe in "ID" also believe in evolution, but that evolution is "guided" by some unseen "intelligence". No, ID has NOT been debunked! Those who say so speak from ignorance. The evidence for Intelligent Design is MASSIVE and OVERWHELMING! Consult YouTube too. Google "Intelligent Design books".

*Consult psychic mediums. About 50% of Mediums are bogus, but another 50% are REAL! Half of them do indeed communicate with the dead. Don't quit just because the first one or two you consult were bogus.

*Read Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda. Every bookstore and library has a copy.

*Listen to the late-night radio program Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. It is on every night all across North America, mostly on AM "talk" stations, but also on some FM "talk" stations. It starts every night at 10pm Pacific Standard Time. It runs for four hours every night.

*Get some Spiritist books by the Spiritist Society of Baltimore. Google "Spiritist Society of Baltimore". You'll discover much about the Spirit-World by reading these books.

*Read THE BOOK OF TESTIMONIES online. It is FREE to read online. Email me, and I'll send you a link to that book. These include some eye-witness first-hand accounts of the supernatural miracles of Doctor Dahesh.

*Yes...the Ouiji board will often work, especially if you are serious and in the right "state". However, know that the board can also attract demons as well as spirits. Therefore, you're taking your chances. Demons are real. Once you invite them in, they're difficult to get rid of.

The evidence is there, but you must look for it. You must become a Seeker of Truth. You won't find it unless you "seek" it.

Falling into the Sun!

Possible Video Evidence of Ghosts

Links to Ex-Mormon Websites

ExMormons on Reddit